how to eliminate the shine of a bald head

If you're going for the bald look, whether by personal choice or genetics taking over, you might have to deal with the shininess that accompanies a hairless scalp. Some people prefer a clean shine on a bald head, but if you want a more matte look, there are certain steps to take and products to help you get rid of that sheen.

Wash your scalp with mild body soap and warm water. For an easy daily wash treatment fill a small spray bottle with soapy water and spray your head. Rub your scalp, spritz with water and wipe. Dry scalp thoroughly with a towel.

Apply a dime-sized amount of an oil-reducing SPF 15 moisturizer to your scalp and rub in thoroughly. Your scalp is exposed to the sun's rays and other outside elements—a moisturizer will help protect it from drying out or from harmful sunburns.

Dip a powder brush into a translucent matte loose powder and lightly blow the bristles to remove excess powder. Start dusting a light layer of powder over your scalp, working from front to back and re-dipping your brush when needed. A light layer should be enough to soak up any oils that may accumulate on your head.


If you shave your head, try shaving in the direction of hair growth. This will produce a light stubble of hair close to the scalp that will help reduce shine.

Carry a small amount of powder with a traveling powder brush for any touch-ups should your scalp get a little oily while you're out.

Maintain a good cleaning regimen to prevent oil buildup and shine. Make sure to wipe down your scalp with soap and water once a day, or twice for extremely oily scalps. If your scalp begins to dry out, lessen the frequency of washing to every other day.