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Plenty of young men and women like to experiment with their hair color. Many of the hair care products on the market today are actually safe for the hair and will do little damage. However, an unfortunate trend (and has been for a long, long time) is to use hydrogen peroxide and bleach to dye one's hair blond. Not only will the ruin and burn the hair, but the peroxide can actually collect at the hair follicles making the roots seem brassy, off-colored and ruined. There is only one way to fix this: stripping your hair's pigment.

Purchase a box of hair pigment stripper from any beauty supply store. Pigment stripper is needed to remove the color and peroxide.

Put on old clothes and plastic or latex gloves. These will help protect your skin and hands from the chemicals of the hair stripper.

Mix the activator liquid of the stripper into the remover powder bottle. Shake the bottle, so the chemicals mix thoroughly.

Add the liquid to your whole head. Ensure that you massage the liquid into your hair until the hair is completely saturated.

Leave the hair stripper in your hair for the recommended amount of time listed in the instructions.

Wash the pigment stripper out your hair. Now that the peroxide has been removed from your hair follicles, you hair will take on a brassy orange color. The best thing about pigment strippers is that it leaves your hair healthy and ready to dye again.


If you want super blond hair, go to a beauty supply store and purchase a hair bleach (not household bleach and not hydrogen peroxide). This hair bleach is harsher than hair color, but it will not ruin your hair as peroxide will. Also, the best way to avoid this problem is to get it done professionally. Strapped for cash? Go to the nearest hair school in your area. It's inexpensive and the students generally do a good job.