How to Eat The Right Foods To Lose Weight

By LeafTV Contributor

This article will give you a few foods that you should eat more of to start losing weight today!!!

Step 1

Practice eating more pasta. You can eat all the pasta you want and still drop the weight as long as the pasta is 100% wheat. Whole grains contain good sources of fiber so it takes a smaller amount to make you feel full.

Step 2

Consider eating more fish. Fish is not only healthy for your heart, skin, nails, and hair because of the healthy fatty acids, but the vitamin D in them may help curb your appetite. The best types of fish to eat are salmon and mackerel.

Step 3

Eat more eggs. Eggs will provide you with protein and they will curb your appetite and help you to consume less food than those who may consume a lot of calories.

Step 4

Make it a point to eat more healthy snacks. Things like nuts, dried fruit, nutri-grain bars, or sliced cheese will make it less likely that you will wolf down your lunch and dinner if you eat them in between meals.

Step 5

Eat healthy fats. These are not only good for your body and heart, but they can help you slim down as well. They will help you feel full throughout the day and help you absorb vitamins better.