How to Eat Raw Eggs Safely

By LeafTV Contributor

Have you heard that eating eggs in its natural, raw form is healthy and easy to digest? It's true, but first you must take some basic precautions. Enjoy and eat raw eggs safely ang get all health benefits associated with it.

Broken chicken egg
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How To Eat Raw Eggs Safely

Get some organic or better yet, free range eggs from a reputable source. Make sure they are fresh and the expiration date have not yet passed.

Float test the egg. If it does float instead of sinking in the water it is probably not fresh, do not eat it.

Break shell open and let the egg flow out into a glass. Smell and look at it before eating. If the egg white appears cloudy or egg smells bad, do not eat it raw. If an egg contains small "blody" spot, it means the egg has been fertilized and is still OK to consume raw.

Eat the egg as is or you can add a little sugar and cocoa powder. Mix with spoon really well and then eat it. You can also add raw eggs to your protein shake.