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Made from cabbage, red onions, garlic, ginger and radish, kimchi is a staple food in Korea, served at almost every meal. Favored for its taste and variety, kimchi has more than 100 variations, including Baech'u kimchi, Kongnip kimchi and Nabak kimchi, with each region of Korea making and serving its own variation of the side dish. You can use kimchi to add flavor to many kinds of foods, including wontons, burgers and hot dogs.

Eat the kimchi plain. Kimchi is often added to cucumbers, radish and mustard leaves, but you can also eat it right out of the jar. Please note: Kimchi has several variations, from sweet to spicy, so be careful when eating spicy kimchi out of the jar.

Place kimchi on meats for added flavor. If your hot dog, burger or steak tastes bland, place some kimchi on top of the cooked meat as a condiment.

Add kimchi to steamed rice. Put some rice into a bowl, then add sweet or spicy kimchi and stir them together.

Add kimchi into your favorite soups. Place two or three spoonfuls of kimchi into each poured bowl to add the desired flavor to your soup. For example, for tomato soup, choose a spicy kimchi rather than a sweet kimchi.

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