Rutabagas are not indigenous to most parts of the world. The vegetable is believed to be a cross between a wild cabbage and a turnip. It is a common dish in many northern European countries, especially Sweden. In fact, rutabagas are often referred to as Swedes in many European countries. The rutabaga is extremely versatile and may be used in many dishes.

Things You'll Need

Wash any dirt off of the root and stalk of the rutabaga.

Peel the rutabaga with a vegetable peeler.

Slice or grate the rutabaga to eat it raw with salads or similar dishes.

Cook the rutabaga as if it were a potato for hot dishes. This includes baking, frying, boiling or pureeing the vegetable.


  • Substitute rutabaga in any potato dish for a lower-calorie alternative to the more traditional vegetable.