How to Dye Eyelashes

By Kate Evelyn

Do you want to dye your lashes to match the color of your hair, or just want to change up your look a little bit? It is recommended that you go to a professional to change your eyelash color, but if you have a steady hand and no predisposition to allergic reactions, you can do it at home.

Step 1

Locate eyelash dye. Unless you are a salon professional, you may have trouble finding permanent lash dye for purchase. Try asking at your local salon or beauty supply shop. If you can't find the permanent stuff, you will have to go with a temporary lash tint or get your dyeing done in the salon or spa.

Step 2

Do an allergy test. You do not want to find out after you start coloring your lashes that you are allergic to the dye. (And you think your eyes look puffy first thing in the morning as it is!) Mix your dye and apply a drop of the prepared solution to an inconspicuous patch of skin, such as the back part of your knee. If any kind of reaction occurs, do not use the dye.

Step 3

Protect the skin around your eye from taking on color by applying some petroleum jelly or a layer of lotion that is not completely rubbed in. Be careful not to get these products in your eye.

Step 4

Use a mascara wand to apply the color to your lashes, top and bottom. Make sure the wand is not dripping before you lift it to your eye. Be very slow and methodical in your application. Leave the dye on for the time specified on the instruction sheet.

Step 5

Wipe off the dye with a wet washcloth or tissue. Keep wiping until no more color comes off.