How to Dry or Freeze Dill Weed to Preserve It

By Christina Martinez

While fresh herbs may be the best choice, they are not always a practical one especially if you have an abundance of an herb. Storing dill by drying or freezing it will help preserve it and allow you to use it at a later date. According to Joanne Austin from Washington State University, freezing herbs helps keep the flavor in. When drying the dill, do so right after you purchase it, or harvest it to keep the flavor in.


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Step 1

Bunch clean, fresh, dill loosely together. Bind the bunches at their stems with some kitchen string or twine.


Step 2

Hang the dill from the from the string, upside down as if you were drying flowers. Hang it with a ceiling hook. Place the dill in a dark place that's warm, where air circulates.


Step 3

Check the dill every few days until the dill is completely dry.


Step 4

Dry dill by spreading it in one layer on a cookie sheet. Place it in an oven at about 110 degrees Fahrenheit with the oven door cracked. Watch the dill carefully until it has been dried out. Remove the dill immediately to prevent burning.



Step 5

Place the entire piece of dill weed into a zipper-top freezer-safe bag or into a freezer-safe air-tight container. Use the dill like it were fresh, and pick off pieces when you need it.


Step 6

Pull apart pieces of dill from the stalk. Wash and dry the leaves thoroughly before placing them in the freezer.


Step 7

Chop the dill before placing into the freezer to save you time while cooking. By doing this, you are able to take the prechopped dill from the freezer and toss it straight into a dish.