Mullein (Verbascum)

Mullein has been a popular medicinal plant for centuries in both Europe and the U.S. As a dried herb, it can alleviate earaches, swollen glands, asthma and chronic coughs. Its leaves can be made into an ointment, tea or skin wash. It can also be smoked. To be able to use the leaves of the Mullein plant, you first have to dry them.

Pick leaves off the mullein plant. The best time to do this is later in the day, when any dew has evaporated.

Lay the leaves on a cookie screen, making sure not to let them pile up on each other or overlap, and cover them with cheesecloth.

Allow them to dry for several days. Make sure the leaves get a free flow of air and are kept away from moisture.

Test a leaf by picking it up and seeing if it crumbles easily. If it does, the leaves are ready to be stored.


  • Mullein can be harvested even if the plant is not flowering or mature enough to flower. Don't pick more than 1/3 of its leaves to maintain a healthy plant and allow it to regenerate before harvesting again. Store dried leaves in an airtight container away from sunlight.