How to Drink Green Tea Without the Side Effects

By LeafTV Editor

How to Drink Green Tea Without the Side Effects. Green tea has become a very popular choice of drinks for many individuals. However, drinking green tea is not without side effects for some. The following suggestions will help you to learn how to avoid many side effects from drinking green tea.

Step 1

Limit the amount of green tea that you drink in a day. Green tea contains approximately 50 mg of caffeine per cup. Compared to coffee, this is much less per cup, but it's still caffeine. Start with drinking only 1 to 2 cups per day to see if you have any side effects from excessive amounts of caffeine, such as nervousness, sleeplessness and being jittery.

Step 2

Realize that if you are drinking several cups of hot green tea a day, it's probably not a good idea to also take capsules of green tea extract that contain around 100 to 750 mg of caffeine each. Avoid combining various consumptions of green tea until you know if you can handle the caffeine intake. There are also green tea cold beverages, so choose the type of green tea that you want to take or drink, but be aware of the total caffeine intake associated with combining all of these.

Step 3

Talk to your doctor when taking prescription medication to see if there are warnings regarding caffeine intake. Be specific and tell your doctor that you drink green tea or take green tea capsules so that your doctor can inform you of any possible side effects or change your prescription medications to something that won't have a side effect.

Step 4

Use a little milk in your hot green tea to flavor but also to help with any stomach upset that you may get with drinking teas. The milk will help settle the digestive juices in the stomach, so you'll have fewer side effects in that area.

Step 5

Check with your doctor or allergist prior to incorporating green tea into your daily diet if you have any plant-related allergies. Green tea is a plant derivative.

Step 6

Ask your doctor if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or thyroid issues if you should add green tea to your daily diet. The green tea tends to lower blood sugar levels but that may cause problems with medications for these conditions or cause false symptoms to appear.

Step 7

Get the OK from your doctor first if you are pregnant or nursing before adding green tea to your diet. The caffeine in the green tea acts as a diuretic. There could be other issues with the green tea such as with vitamin absorption and sleep issues, so check with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.