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Cinnamon tea warms the body, aides in circulation and has an inherent energizing sweetness. Don't let a cup of lovely cinnamon tea turn slimy by using powdered cinnamon, which has a tendency to thicken and take on an unappetizing texture. Instead, brew tea from whole cinnamon sticks and enjoy the ease of this simple warming and soothing beverage.

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Break one cinnamon stick up into several pieces and add it to a mug. Bring a pot of water to a near-boil and fill up the mug.

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Steep the tea for eight to ten minutes, or until it becomes very fragrant. Once the desired strength is achieved, use a strainer to remove the cinnamon pieces from the mug.

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Flavor the tea with a sweetener to taste. If desired, add milk or whipped cream to the tea for a smoother flavor. For added sweetness, garnish the tea with a slice or orange or lemon.


One cinnamon stick can make more than one cup of tea. Save cinnamon sticks for later use.

For added flavor, or for a caffeinated tea, after the initial steeping period of the cinnamon stick, add your favorite tea bag to the mug and steep for another couple minutes before serving.


Therapeutic amounts of cinnamon can cause health problems in some people, especially when taking blood-thinning medications, or in people with liver or kidney problems. Talk with a doctor before regularly drinking cinnamon tea.

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