“Sake! Bomb! Sake! Bomb! Sake! Bomb!” is the ritual chant enthusiastically shouted before downing a sake bomb. To drink a sake bomb, you must first balance a shot of sake on a pair of chopsticks laid across a glass of beer, encourage it to drop in with a slam of your fists on the bar or tabletop; after it falls, quickly consume it. Whether you’re making your own bombs at home or enjoying them at the bar, you can execute a perfect sake bomb.

Things You'll Need

Set a glass of chilled light beer on a table or countertop. If you’re making sake bombs at home, fill the glass one-half to three-quarters with beer. Lay a set of chopsticks across the top of the glass, separating each slightly from each other.

Set the shot glass filled with sake, carefully, on top of the chopsticks. Fill the shot glass with at least 1 ounce of sake.

Stand in front of the glass and begin chanting, “Sake! Bomb! Sake! Bomb! Sake! Bomb!” with your fellow sake bombers.

Slam both fists down on the table or countertop in front of the glass, with just enough force to disturb the chopsticks, causing the shot to fall into the glass. Pick up the sake bomb and drink it as quickly as you can.


  • Before ordering sake bombs at a bar, ask the bartender if it is permissible to drink sake bombs in the traditional manner. Some establishments may not approve of the practice because of the loud chanting and the risk of spilt drinks or broken glassware.