How to Dress When Attending a College Graduation Ceremony (Female). Watching a member of your family graduate from college is a joyous and proud moment. Knowing how to dress for such an occasion is not difficult, but should be done tastefully.

Choose a dark or solid-colored dress. While this is a celebration, you do not want your dress to cause a commotion or draw attention from the graduates.

Use the same rule for skirts and pair them with a white or light top.

Pick shoes based on where the ceremony will be held and how much standing you may have to do. If the ceremony is outside, consider a lower, thicker heel. Choose a shoe with some stability in case of wet sidewalks, grass or rain.

Choose tasteful jewelry. A couple of nice pieces are great; it's not the time for something large and outrageous. This is a special time for your family member, not your jewelry. Consider wearing something that the family member gave you as a gift, to show him or her how proud you are of them.


Take or wear a cardigan, even in warm and dry weather. The weather could turn or if the ceremony is held indoors, the A/C will likely be turned on to accommodate for a crowd. Keep in mind that you will have pictures to pose for with your graduate. Remember that your graduate is the star on this special day, not your outfit. Most colleges will allow guests to wear sunglasses and the ladies to wear hats, especially if the ceremony is outside.


Plan carefully for anything. Ask yourself: Will it rain? Is it going to be cold? How long will I be standing? Is there gravel or soft grass?