How to Dress to Meet Wealthy Men

By W. Nicole Barclay

While there is no easy trick for meeting the perfect wealthy man, there are a few ways to ensure that you are dressed your best to attract the guy of your choice. Meeting a successful, wealthy man can be just as much about your intellect, work-life and where you spent your time as it can your clothing, but by adopting the old saying "fake it till you make it" you can ensure that your wardrobe choices send the message that you are the perfect match for the high life, and high roller. Without redoing your entire wardrobe, learn to utilize your existing garments and accessories to dress for success in love with a successful man.

Dress to Meet Wealthy Men

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Step 1

Go through your closet and try on the clothes you would usually wear for a date or a night on the town. Eliminate any articles that don't fit you well, that are too tight or that reveal too much for a business casual dress code. Put clothing in need of repair, whether it be tailoring, a light stain or a missing button, into a special pile. Plan to send these items out for tailoring or dry cleaning, or make a note to spend the time to take care of these yourself. Avoid wearing an item that is unclean or damaged, even if you think it is hardly noticeable.

Step 2

Use the business casual dress code as your guide, an example of which is listed below in the references section, because it will help you to impose a high social standard on your outfit that many wealthy men of good taste will appreciate. Know that while jeans and other items such as tank tops (normally prohibited under the business casual dress code) can sometimes be appropriate, you should try to put together your outfit within these restrictions. Tell yourself that in order to attract someone with classy taste and a classy lifestyle, such as most wealthy men, you should also put refined class as the standard for your own appearance. Avoid anything that generally shows too much cleavage, the midriff, or with high-rising hems; you want to attract a wealthy man with taste.

Step 3

Take the time to pre-plan outfits and become familiar with your wardrobe; know of at least three outfits that make you feel attractive, confident and like "yourself." Choose a high-end magazine that reflects both the current trends in high-society fashion, and your taste in clothing and accessories, such as Vogue or Marie Claire. Interpret wealthy trends and garments using your own clothing; the more time you spend becoming familiar with the flexibility of your apparel, the more confident, current and put-together your clothing will be, which can be very attractive to someone who has the confidence of wealth. Know that you don't need to wear expensive labels to attract a successful man, but caring about your outward appearance shows a classy refinement that many successful men are looking for.

Step 4

Don't forget to accessorize, but keep jewelry to a minimum and in good taste. A man with money doesn't necessarily know more about the average man about accessorizing, but he will be able to tell when you've "gone too far," which could lower his interest. Invest in a classic black purse, black pumps and a fashionable black belt because they go with almost everything. Note that key elements like this can take an outfit from neutral to eye-catching. Buy a perfect "little black dress" that can go to work with you or out on the town, and makes you feel great. Know that how you carry yourself is the most attractive factor that a man will notice and you should always wear something you like. Remember that your most important accessory is conversation, and many wealthy men are stimulated by a smart, confident and knowledgeable woman who can carry on a conversation with him and his peers.