How to Dress Punk in the Summer

By Joanna Reed

Known for its hard-core music and anti-establishment beliefs, Punk was highly stylized by such groups as the Sex Pistols in the late 70s. If one wears a leather jacket, head-to-toe black and a Devil-May-Care grimace, he or she will probably be identified as punk. But when warm weather hits and temperatures climb, who wants to wear tight black leather pants? Here are some suggestions on how to stay punk even in the summertime.

Step 1

Try t-shirts and tank tops with vintage punk bands like The Clash or the Ramones. The faded, the better. Select those that are form-fitting but avoid anything too tight as this can be uncomfortable in hot weather.

Step 2

Put on a t-shirt dress with such motifs as skulls, crosses and/or daggers. Long men's dress shirts work as well if you can't find t-shirt dresses. Simply cinch them at the waist with a studded belt.

Step 3

Accessorize your outfits with safety pins, cuff bracelets and anchor pendants. Extra points for anything resembling handcuffs. Try a skinny tie that clashes with the color of the rest of your outfit. Tie it loosely for a" I-don't-care" effect. If you're really brave, get a piercing in your nose, eyebrow or tongue.

Step 4

Punk out your hair by cutting it short and dying it black or an outrageous color like blue. For a real change, go retro and try a mohawk. If you don't want to cut your hair at all, try a putting your hair in a high top-knot, completely sleeked back with gel.

Step 5

Save the leather look for your bag or purse. Try white patent, but scruff it up and put a few safety pinks through it. (It should not look new!)