Hey ladies, you know you want to attract attention at the club, or perhaps give your boyfriend or husband a hot, visual treat. Well, its time to let your jeans, T-shirt and tennies take a break for the night! Here’s what you’ll need to go from plain to provocative!

Things You'll Need

Choose that perfect and provocative look for you, depending on your body type and features. If you are comfortable wearing a minidress, go for it! Look for above-the-knee styles and also cleavage-revealing necklines (such as a low-cut V-neck or a low-draping, cowl-neck top dress).

Wear a great, sexy miniskirt. Look for wild-animal patterns, such as leopard or zebra print. You can also choose a solid color and pair it with a sexy, patterned top.

Pick styles that will show the “girls” (you know, cleavage) and those sexy legs–this is key! Make sure to wear a great push-up bra to put your “girls” on display!

Complete this look with a sure crowd pleaser–an alluring pair of fishnet pantyhose. Make sure that the color complements or goes well with your overall outfit.

Don some high-heeled shoes. Go for something that is 2 ½ to 4 inches. For those really brave souls, you can go to your local lingerie shop and purchase stripper heels–there’s a reason why dancers wear these.

Watch the men drool and the heads turn as you sport your sexy, new, provocative look!


  • Remember to exude confidence when sporting your new provocative look. Confidence is always sexy.

  • Don’t forget to do your hair and makeup to a “T” as well. There is no point in getting all dressed up if your hair is a mess, and let’s face it–a little bit of lipstick and mascara never hurt anyone.