How to Dress like Jackie Kennedy

By LeafTV Editor

A fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy created a look that many would like to introduce into their own sense of style. The ladylike essence of Jackie O's look is a quality that has returned to today's fashion world. It's a look that creates a very feminine, confident, classy mystique. Follow these tips to get your own Jackie-inspired look.


Mix classic with casual. This is an elegant and simple approach to fashion and something Jackie did quite frequently. Dress up a casual outfit with elegant shoes or trendy jewelry or sunglasses, for example.

Coordinate. Matching items were staples of this icon's wardrobe. Monochromatic dresses and jackets, coats and shoes are an example. Complimentary layered looks are another element to include in your look.

Accessorize. From head to toe, you shouldn't miss a detail. From pearls to shades to brooches, belts and shoes, this look sparkles with polish.

Introduce one piece at a time. For example, pair a Chanel-style jacket with jeans.

Choose tailored clothing that fits your body well. Pieces should never be too bulky, too large or small.

Stand tall. Posture is an important part of presentation when making a fashion statement. Standing tall emits confidence and class, only enhancing one's style.

Remember that less is more. Jackie's look, despite accessories, was always simple and streamlined, never busy.