How to Dress Like a Vixen

By Contributing Writer

Vixens wear a lot of red, black, gold and silver! Add drama to your wardrobe with these colors and let your inner vixen emerge. When the mood strikes to be a vixen look for outfits that are clingy, low cut, metallic, made of soft fabric, or all of the above. Pamper your sensuality and add a few vixen outfits to your wardrobe to have fun with your attire.

Vixen up Your Wardrobe !

Step 1

Release your inner vixen by adding the colors red, black, gold, and silver to your attire. These colors attract attention and add drama to an outfit. You may want to use these colors as the main component of an outfit or as an accessory.

Step 2

Choose fabrics that have vixen qualities. Cashmere is very soft and alluring. Silk is smooth and feels wonderful against the skin. Velour is clingy and soft. Add some vixen outfits by finding clothes in fabrics that are appealing to the eyes and to the hands.

Step 3

Be dramatic. The vixen likes drama. Stiletto heels are the calling card of the vixen. Sexy shoes are a must have for any aspiring vixen.

Step 4

Be brave. Dressing like a vixen is not for the timid. Vixen attire attracts a lot of attention and not all of it is positive. So use care about when and where you dress like a vixen and ensure you are comfortable in your choices.

Step 5

Add vixen touches to your overall look with embellishments like using eyeliner to make Cleopatra cat eyes, having a manicure and pedicure with red or black nails, or using a spray on sparkle to add shimmer to your body.