How to dress like a 30 year old

By LeafTV Contributor

Let's face it, once you hit 30 you are officially a grown-up! But that doesn't mean you can't have a fresh, classy style that is still youthful. Here's how!

She's thrilled to be 30

Step 1

Rid your closet of cut-off mini skirts, tattered jeans and message tees. I like to ask myself this question: Would this land me on "What Not to Wear"? If the answer is yes, it's buh-bye!

Step 2

Invest in classics like pencil skirts, trouser jeans, cashmere sweaters, ballet flats and a classic pair of leather pumps. Only wear a puffy down coat when it's freezing cold out. Make your mainstay a wool black coat instead.

Step 3

Add some fun with unexpected extras such as chunky jewelry, colored leather handbags and funky belts. That is where we can get a little wild and regress to our rebellious teens and twenties!

Step 4

Add one signature piece such as a wool beret, faux flower pin, silk scarf, something that reflects your personality. You're 30! You know who you are and this is a way to own that identity!