How to Dress in Club Attire

By Contributing Writer

If you haven't been to a nightclub recently, you may be finding yourself at a loss outfit-wise for your next girl's night out. When it comes to club attire, women are especially challenged to work within their closet limitations. With a little knowledge, you can pinpoint the right clothes in your closet.

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Step 1

Know the dress code. If the name of the club is available to you, go to its website and check out any online galleries for outfit ideas.

Step 2

Try on your tightest, most figure-flattering mini dress or dark, low-rise, hip-hugger jeans.

Step 3

Let your "wild" side out. Look for any animal print, metallic, sequined or leather clothing you may own.

Step 4

Wear heels. If you don't own high heels, knee-high boots also work in a club environment. Avoid sandals, flats, sneakers or anything thought of a day wear.

Step 5

Go all out with accessories. Large hoop earrings, sparkling cuffs and a trendy clutch are a good place to start.