How to Dress for Older Women

By LeafTV Contributor

How to Dress for Older Women. Fashion magazines usually focus on dressing trends for women under 50 and overlook the needs and desires of older women. Senior women have changing body types and lifestyles that can require a wardrobe adjustment. Find a balance between fashion and comfort that meets your needs.

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Dress for Older Women
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Step 1

Choose clothing that reflects your lifestyle. If you're retired, your wardrobe may require new sporting apparel for golf or yoga pursuits. If you've climbed the corporate ladder, you must choose business attire that mirrors your corporate culture.

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Step 2

Update your wardrobe each season. Older women sometimes make the mistake of dating their appearance by wearing clothes 10 years old or greater. Donate these garments to a thrift store and add a new piece to your closet in its place.

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Step 3

Explore contemporary trends when they appeal to you. If the cut of a contemporary garment doesn't match your body type, shop for trendy fabrics styled with a conservative design.

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Step 4

Build versatile outfits with layers. Older women sometimes experience hot flashes from the onset of menopause, followed by an inability to stay warm enough in later years. Layers allow you to meet every temperature need.

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Buy clothes

Step 5

Buy clothes that are wash and wear. If you buy garments comprised of 50 percent cotton or less, you won't have to spend time ironing your clothes every week.

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Buy clothes

Step 6

Consider clothes that make dressing painless if you're managing arthritis or other mobility problems. Ask your tailor to replace tiny zippers with Velcro closures to reduce dressing struggles.

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Step 7

Make your wardrobe look fresh with new accessories. If you can't afford to replace some of the dated pieces in your closet, add a scarf or belt from this year's collection to your outfit.