How to Dress for a Cold-Weather Interview

By Shae Hazelton

Job interviews demand professional attire such as ties and suits, but you may find yourself freezing in your formal clothing if you don't plan your outfit carefully. The secret to staying warm while wearing business attire is to dress in inconspicuous layers. You need to bundle your clothing without making it obvious. When you arrive to the interview, you will still feel warm and energetic, allowing you to show off your best side for the prospective employer.

Don't let the weather stop you from landing the job you want.

Women's Clothing

Step 1

Ditch the skirt for an interview if you know it is cold outside. A pair of fashionable polyester slacks will still have a professional touch without the freezing legs.

Step 2

Don a long-sleeve wool undershirt to keep your skin warm and dry. Wear a button-up shirt with long sleeves over it made from heavy fabric such as cashmere that still looks nice. Slip on a formal suit jacket over the white button-up shirt made from polyester for a clean look that insulates well.

Step 3

Wear formal shoes that cover your feet instead of skimpy heels. Wear shoes you can comfortably wear with a pair of wool socks. If your feet are cold, you won't be comfortable and able to perform at your peak.

Step 4

Wrap a wool scarf around your neck. Choose a simple scarf with a bland color such as black or white. A canary yellow scarf will undermine the professional appearance of your interview outfit.

Step 5

Protect your hands with some simple leather gloves. Like your scarf, your gloves should be simple and reserved in color and style.

Step 6

Wear a formal fleece trench coat over the entire outfit for extra coverage. When you reach you destination, shed the large coat to reveal your formal attire beneath.

Men's Clothing

Step 7

Don insulated underwear (often referred to as "long johns") for your first layer. Choose wool because it keeps your skin dry. The long johns also provide a solid layer of clothing under your dress shirt.

Step 8

Pull on a pair of formal wool slacks to help insulate your lower half. Don a formal long sleeve shirt for your upper half. Choose a shirt made from polypropylene that is heavy and insulating.

Step 9

Fit a wood sweater vest over your formal shirt. The sweater vest adds color to the outfit while helping keep you warm.

Step 10

Top off the outfit with a formal jacket made from a heavy material such as polypropylene. A long cashmere trench coat can add another layer of protection.

Step 11

Put on a single pair of wool socks and formal shoes. Accessorize with a cashmere scarf, wool gloves and a wool hat that covers your ears.