How to Draw Fake Abs

By Elise Stall

You can learn how to draw fake abs on yourself if you want to accentuate your muscles at any pool or beach event. You should practice drawing fake abs on yourself a couple times to ensure that you get it just right. You do not want the drawing to look too fake on your own skin. The key is to make them looking natural and refrain from overdoing it. Keep in mind that you should draw the lines that correspond to the placements and curves of your own abs. This will ensure that your fake abs will look as natural as possible.

You can draw fake abs on your skin with some colored lotion and a makeup brush.

Step 1

Remove your clothing to avoid staining your clothes.

Step 2

Add some sunscreen lotion to a bowl and mix in some gold or tan powder or lotion. You can also purchase sunscreen that is already tinted color. Mixing it yourself gives you the freedom to adjust the color to match the shade of your own skin.

Step 3

Mix the color well. Apply the mixture all over your stomach from your breast line to your bikini line. Rub the lotion well into your skin and wait a few minutes for it to dry. Once dry, your skin should have a slightly darker color to it as if you had a real tan from the sun.

Step 4

Dip a large makeup brush into some mineral powder that is slightly darker than your natural skin color. You can also use bronzing powder for this step.

Step 5

Dab the brush along your natural ab lines. Slowly run the brush along a curved line about halfway from your navel to your sides.

Step 6

Draw a line in the shape of a crescent using a brush on each side of your stomach underneath your breast line to the bottom of your ribcage. Draw another crescent shaped line on each side that lines up one inch above your navel and straight down your stomach.

Step 7

Darken the lines with extra powder or smudge them with your finger to lighten them. Add some shimmery powder to the lines and around areas of your stomach. This will highlight the lines and help blend the colors to make them look natural.