How to Do Single Twists in Your Hair

By Zora Hughes

When it comes to styling naturally curly, coarse hair, there are nearly infinite styling options if you have the time to create them. Single strand twists, also known as finger coils or finger twists, are among the easiest styles you can do with this type of hair, but it's time-consuming. However, the results are often worth the time. You will need little more than styling gel and your finger to create this simple, yet creative hairstyle.

Single twists are among the many styling options for naturally coarse hair.

Step 1

Wash your hair thoroughly and blot dry.

Step 2

Divide out a section of your hair with the comb and use hair clips to hold the rest of your hair out of the way. You can start from anywhere you would like on your head, although starting from the front or back will make it easier to make sure that you don't miss any sections of hair.

Step 3

Divide the section of hair that's out into even smaller sections. You can make as many smaller sections as you want, depending on the size that you want the twists to be.

Step 4

Grab one of these smaller sections of hair with one hand and place a dab of hair gel from the root to the tip.

Step 5

Place your index finger at the root of the section, then start to move it in a tight circular motion to get the hair to wrap around your finger, working your way down to the tip. The section of hair should now be in a tightly coiled formation.

Step 6

Repeat twisting the hair, working section by section until you have created single twists all over your head.