How to Do Sexy Pirate Makeup

By Shefali Choudhury

Pirate style has made a comeback since Disney's hugely successful "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie series. Dressing up a pirate costume with glamorous make-up is a prettier alternative to the usual weather-worn, bearded and scarred pirate character. Use beauty make-up staples for this look, with the additional help of some sparkling pirate treasure and sexy maritime tattoos.

A smoky eye is a good basis for sexy pirate makeup.

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Step 1

Apply foundation to even skin-tone and create a perfect blank canvas for building your pirate character. If you want a flawless, photo-style look, use concealer under the eyes and over any blemishes. Set your base by patting translucent powder over the skin using a puff.

Step 2

Dust bronzing powder over cheekbones and blend a little around the forehead as well as under the jaw-line. Spending time sailing the high-seas is bound to help build up the perfect natural tan, which is why bronzer is important. However, applying bronzer like this also helps to contour the face and bring out cheekbones.

Step 3

Dab a little rosy blusher on the apple of the cheeks. This gives a healthy, youthful glow from life on-board ship in the fresh air.

Blend dark eyeshadow close to the lash line and into the socket.

Step 4

Create a smouldering look by lining eyes with black eye-liner. If you want a smoky eye, blend in a little dark eye-shadow over the lash line and smudge this up towards the socket. Pirate girls might be too busy swashbuckling to bother with high maintenance eye make-up, but a smoky eye is a romantic classic. Team with plenty of black mascara.

Step 5

Wear your treasure in the form of eye jewels or diamante false lashes. Apply a dab of eye glue to the base of lashes and press in to place. Dot individual eye jewels into the top lash-line for plenty of pirate-girl bling.

Step 6

Slick on your lip color of choice. Wear a nude color if you want to emphasize your eyes in a natural style. Or, slick on a traditional red for a little Spanish pirate flare.

Step 7

Apply fake tattoo transfers for extra authenticity. Look out for symbols such as skull and crossbones, as well as general maritime references, such as anchors, mermaids and shells.