Putting makeup on men for a photo shoot should be done carefully to ensure the masculinity of a man is not lost but all blemishes and uneven skin tones are covered. Of course, the type of makeup placed on male models is dependent on the style of the photo shoot. Capturing a natural look requires an attention to detail and an understanding of how tight the camera frame will be on the male model’s face.

Things You'll Need

Select the appropriate shade of concealer to fit the male model’s skin tone. The shade of this makeup should be an exact match because a photograph will pick up on any skin tone inconsistencies. Also, select a translucent powder, which is a powder that naturally blends in with the model’s skin tone. Mineral makeup is a good choice for male models because it rests naturally on the skin.

Apply a small amount of concealer under the male model’s eyes and on any skin blemishes and carefully blend this makeup in with the surrounding skin. Do not apply foundation on the face because this will make the male model look too made-up. The goal for applying makeup on male models is to cover up blemishes and smooth skin tone without having the model look like he is wearing any makeup.

Dust a thin layer of powder across the model’s forehead, nose and cheeks to eliminate any shine from the photography lights.

Apply lip balm on the model’s lips to create an even surface; however, never use lip gloss because this will create a feminine quality to the model. If the photographer is taking head shots, or close-ups, on the model’s face, lip balm will reduce the appearance of cracked lips without looking like the model is wearing lipstick.

Touch up the model’s makeup throughout the photo shoot to reduce shine from sweat or oil.


  • Only use eyeliner or other forms of makeup if the goal of the photo shoot is goth or some other stylized setting.

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