How to do KISS Makeup

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KISS, an American rock band that enjoyed its heyday in the mid-1970s, boasts worldwide popularity for their catchy tunes, elaborate concerts and, of course, their makeup. In fact, the group didn't make an official public appearance without its trademark black-and-white makeup until 1983. Learn how to recreate Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace's signature looks with these easy instructions.

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How To Do Kiss Makeup

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Dare to do the Demon (Gene Simmons)

Begin with clean skin. Use a makeup sponge or foundation brush to cover your entire face in white cream makeup.

Draw two vertical lines down either side of your nose, beginning about an inch above the inner corners of the eyebrows and ending at the tip of your nose, with a black makeup pencil. Use the pencil to draw three scallops from your eyebrows to your forehead and three scallops from your nose to your cheekbones. Check out pictures of Simmons on KISS's official website (see Resources) for more details.

Use the black makeup pencil to draw "wings" from the outer corners of your eyes to your temples.

Create an exaggerated widow's peak by drawing an upside down triangle from your hairline to the center of your forehead.

Fill in the outlines with black makeup. You can use black cream makeup or black pancake makeup.

Finish your demon look with black lipstick.

Show Your Starchild Side (Paul Stanley)

Cover your entire face with white cream makeup. For the most even finish, use a makeup sponge or foundation brush. If your face is particularly oily, you can set your white cream makeup with baby powder (use a clean cotton sock to pat the powder onto your face).

Use a black makeup pencil to draw a large five-pointed star around your right eye. Make sure to extend the star from your temple, to your forehead, to the inside of your nose and down to your cheekbone. Fill in the star with black makeup.

Line your left eye with black eyeliner. Exaggerate your left eyebrow with a black eyebrow pencil.

Paint your mouth with red lipstick. Use a lip liner pencil to draw a cupid's bow in the center of your upper lip.

Create a Catman Countenance (Peter Criss)

Cover your face with white cream makeup.

Use a black makeup pencil to draw the outlines for your eyes. For your right eye, draw an elongated "P" around your eye. Draw an elongated backwards "P" around your left eye. Go to KISS's official website (see Resources) for clarification.

Fill in the entire tip of your nose with the black makeup pencil. Starting at the center of the bottom of your nose, draw two lines which extend out, down each side of your upper lip and out to your cheeks, like a cat.

Make "whiskers" by drawing two thick lines on either side of your face. Make the top whisker even with the center of your upper lip and the bottom whisker even with the bottom of your lower lip.

Paint the area around your eye sockets green and fill in the rest of your cat's eyes with black cream makeup.

Finish your Catman face with red lipstick.

Make a Space Ace Face (Ace Frehley)

Start by painting your entire face with white cream makeup.

Use a black makeup pencil to outline your eyes. Draw straight lines on either side of your nose, extending from the hairline down to the widest part of your nose. Create three jagged peaks above each eye and three jagged peaks below. Go to the KISS website (see Resources) for detailed pictures of Frehley's Space Ace makeup.

Fill in the black outlines with silver makeup. Make a silver band across the bridge of your nose just below the forehead.

Draw a cupid's bow on your upper lip, then fill in your lips with black lipstick.