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The bun is an easy-to-do hairstyle that women can wear in a variety of settings. However, there are some professional settings in which the bun hairstyle is required. Both dancers and military personnel have made a hairstyle out of tight, smooth buns. The military hair bun, which is created with the same steps needed to make a ballerina bun, effectively keeps a military woman's hair from getting in her face. The military bun can be achieved in a number of ways, one of which is the sock bun method.

Comb out hair completely to remove any tangles. It is best if you can start with hair that has been cleaned the day before. If you hair is freshly washed, spray with hairspray to make it more manageable.

Create a part on one side of your head and pull your hair back into a smooth ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure it with a ponytail holder. When doing this, try to smooth the hair toward your head as much as possible to make sure there are no loose hairs sticking out.

Put an arm or leg through the tube of the sock. Roll the sock down until it is in a doughnut shape.

Slide your ponytail through the opening in the middle of the rolled-up, doughnut-shaped sock. Move the sock doughnut as close as possible to your head.

Tilt your head forward. Take the hair in your ponytail and spread the hairs around the perimeter of the sock, keeping the hairs as smooth as possible. Secure the hairs around the sock with another hair band.

Secure the loose ends of the hair that are sticking out around the base of the bun with bobby pins. This helps your bun look smooth and polished.

Spray the bun with hairspray, then spray a generous portion of hairspray on your finger. Use your finger to smooth away any flyaway pieces of hair near your hairline to ensure the bun looks polished.


When ballet dancers attempt the sock bun, they often place the bun on the top of their heads instead of the nape of their neck. If you are doing the military bun in this fashion, make sure to hairspray and bobby pin any loose pieces of hair near the nape of the neck to keep the bun tidy.