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Naturally curly hair can be susceptible to frizzing due to humidity or rainfall. With basic hair styling supplies and knowledge, curly girls can quickly create a messy bun in a matter of minutes. The simple hairstyle can even be a suitable option for semi-formal engagements, particularly when enhanced with the addition of a flattering headband or decorative hair clips.

Pour a quarter-sized amount of the anti-frizz hair gel into a palm. Rub the hands together, and run the fingers through the hair to equally distribute the product. Allow the hair to air dry completely.

Use the fingers to push the hair back away from the face and towards the crown of the head. Pull the hair through the elastic, forming a high ponytail. Allow small curls and tendrils to fall out in front, according to personal preference.

Divide the ponytail into four even sections. Gently twist one section and pin the tips to the base of the ponytail near the elastic. Repeat with the other three sections, ensuring the hair is equally distributed to hide the elastic.

Mist the entire head with a light coating of hair spray to hold hair in place throughout the day. Optionally, place the two headbands on the head to modify the appearance of the curly bun.