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Ponytails, once used carelessly to pull your hair back in a pinch, now occupy the spotlight as a stylish option for both day and evening. Give a ponytail even more style and glamour by adding a poof to the front of your hair. The combination of ponytail and poof will add drama to the standard ponytail. Do a high ponytail with a poof for a chic and classy look.

Brush your hair to remove any tangles.

Squirt a small amount of styling mousse into the palm of your hand and work the mousse through your hair, to give it texture.

Separate your hair into two sections -- the main ponytail and the portion you will tease to create the poof at the top of your head. Make a part from each temple back to the crown of your head and clip this hair onto the top of your head temporarily.

Brush the remaining hair back to the crown of your head, to form a high ponytail. Place a hair band around your hair to create the ponytail.

Unclip the remaining hair and tease it with the teasing comb. Separate it into 2-inch sections, hold a section straight up and comb back down toward your head two or three times, to create volume. Repeat this with the entire section of hair.

Gather the teased hair together gently, and smooth it slightly with the brush.

Pull the teased hair back toward the ponytail, but keep it loose to form the poof. Combine this hair with the hair in the ponytail and wrap the bungee cord hair band around the existing ponytail and the teased hair. Wrap the cord two or three times tightly and fasten it with the hooks.

Spray the poof and the ponytail lightly with hairspray to hold the style.

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