How to do a Body Shot

By LeafTV Editor

Popular at just about every frat and sorority house in America, the body shot is a classic and fun ritual, designed to give a sweet & sour taste from the sugar and lemon. Here are the basics on how to pull the body shot off--of course, feel free to add your own twist to the drink.

Step 1

Using a partner of the opposite sex (or same, depending on how you swing), lick their neck, you're going to need a healthy dose of saliva very soon.

Step 2

Sprinkle a bit of sugar onto their neck where you just licked them.

Step 3

Place the wedge of lemon in your partner's mouth with the skin pointed inward.

Step 4

Then, take your lick the sugar from their neck, then down the vodka, then suck the lemon from their mouth (while gently holding back of their neck).