How to Dilute a Glycolic Peel

By Melly Parker

If you're using a glycolic peel on your face, you might want to consider diluting it, especially if you have sensitive skin. Glycolic peels use acid to remove imperfections on your skin and to stimulate the repair and replacement of skin that has been damaged by the sun and improper care. By diluting the peel, you'll reduce your chances of adverse reactions and do less damage to your skin. While professionals can apply strong glycolic peels without problems, you should always dilute your glycolic peels if you're applying one at home.

Bring youth back to your face with a glycolic peel.

Step 1

Pour the water in the bowl.

Step 2

Add an equal amount of glycolic peel formula and beat until combined. This creates a 50 percent solution. If you'd like to continue diluting the formula, you can create a 25 percent dilution by adding equal parts of the 50 percent solution and water. You can create a 12.5 percent solution by adding equal parts of the 24 percent solution and water.

Step 3

Apply a small patch to your face according to the package directions on the glycolic peel. Remove as directed. Wait 24 hours to be sure you won't have an adverse reaction before performing your peel.