How to Dilute 70% Glycolic Acid

By Lindsey Landis

Glycolic facial treatments remove layers of dead skin cells and can make your skin look several years younger. Spas and salons charge high prices for this service, but it can be performed at home. Glycolic acid is often sold at 70 percent volume. Most professionals use 40 to 50 percent volume because there are lower risks of skin irritation than with the direct application of 70 percent volume. If you're experimenting with glycolic acid at home, it's best to start with an even lower concentration, until you learn how your skin will react to the treatment.

Woman drying face with towel in mirror
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To give yourself a home treatment, rinse your face with the solution and then with pure water.

Step 1

Measure 30mL of the 70 percent glycolic acid, using a graduated cylinder, and pour it into a mixing bowl.

Step 2

Add 75mL of water or moisturizer to the mixing bowl and stir well, to achieve a solution of 20 percent glycolic acid, which is a good starting point for at-home use.

Step 3

Store the solution in an airtight bottle.