Many women tend to dread their husband’s or boyfriend’s birthday due to a lack of ideas as to how make his birthday special. Fortunately, most men are either avid sports fans or, at the very least, have a preferred team. Creating a sports team themed cake is a quick and creative solution. For a Dallas Cowboys themed birthday, incorporate the football team’s signature star, along with blue and white colors, into cake decorations.

Things You'll Need

Place a portion of white frosting into a plastic baggie. Attach a kitchen clip to the baggie right above the point where the frosting ends, separating the frosting from the air in the baggie.

Put a bigger portion of white frosting into a bowl. Pour the amount of blue food coloring indicated by the dye instructions onto the frosting. Use a spoon to mix the two together until the frosting turns blue. Set the bowl of frosting aside.

Place the cake onto a serving tray. Use a cake cutter or knife to cut a five-pointed star shape out of the cake.

Use a spatula to cover the entire top surface of the star in blue frosting.

Use scissors to snip off one of the bottom corners from the baggie of white frosting. Squeeze the bottom of the baggie to dispense the frosting, using it to outline the star. Leave approximately 1 centimeter of room between the white outline and the edges of the cake.

Place fresh blueberries along each edge of the star so that the line of blueberries hugs the white frosting outline.

Use the white frosting to write messages such as “Dallas Cowboys” and “Happy Birthday” across the star.


  • For best results, do not decorate a cake until it has cooled off. Use your time efficiently by mixing and preparing the frosting as the cake cools.