How to Decorate a Jean Jacket

By LeafTV Contributor

Jean jackets are classic. People with all styles wear them. Punk to urban, jean jackets cross the fashion lines. Decorate an old jean jacket that still fits but seems a little out of style, or spruce up a new jean jacket that just seems a little too plain. Adding embellishments will create a jacket all your own.

Going over seams with a thick contrast stitching updates the look of a jean jacket.

Step 1

Sew on patches to represent the things you like. For media-related patches, like bands or movies, look at entertainment stores or places that sell band merchandise such as Hot Topic or Nirvana.

Step 2

Buy fabric paint. It's cheap and comes in almost any color you can think of. Use easy-to-squirt nozzles to draw abstract designs on the back panel or buy brushes for lighter strokes or specific images. Pin or anchor your jacket when you start to paint to keep it from moving around. Put a piece of cardboard inside the jacket, so paint doesn't seep through to other parts of the jacket.

Step 3

Stencil on words with spray paint. Lay down a word stencil with letters about 1 to 2 inches tall. Tape or pin it in place. Paint one word at a time. Let it dry, then place another stencil partially over or askance to the first stencil. Lay newspapers down before painting your jean jacket, and put cardboard inside the jacket to prevent paint from seeping through.

Step 4

Cut shapes or new panels out of old clothes. Sew them onto your jean jacket. For instance, add two strips of cheetah, leopard, or zebra print to the side panels of your jacket.

Step 5

With a hot glue gun, glue rhinestones along the cuff or pocket seams on your jean jacket. Rhinestones will give your jacket texture and flash.

Step 6

Embroider curved lines, circles, teardrop shapes, onto pockets. Or embroider a vine of flowers down an arm of the jacket.

Step 7