How to Darken My Beard

By Kimberly Caines

Just as the hair on your head, facial hair can turn gray with age due to the loss of melanin. Whether you make your facial hair darker to match the hair on your head or you just want to eliminate gray hairs, proper application and use of the product is required to get the best result.

Darkening your beard can make you look younger.

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Step 1

Purchase a facial hair dye in a shade darker than the current shade of your facial hair. Avoid choosing a shade that is too dark, as this may create an unnatural look. If the shade you choose is still too light for your liking, make your next application a shade darker. Refrain from using female hair dye products or hair dyes for the hair on your head; beard hair is coarser and requires a more penetrating formula.

Step 2

Put on a pair of latex gloves to protect your hands from the dye.

Step 3

Mix the facial hair dye according to the packaging instructions. Depending on the brand of dye you use, you may have to mix the developer with the color base.

Step 4

Comb the dye through your beard using the applicator brush. Cover all beard hairs from the roots to the tips, but avoid rubbing the dye into your skin.

Step 5

Set a timer to allow time for the dye to do its work and penetrate the hair shaft. Follow time requirements noted on the packaging instructions. Set a timer or keep track of the clock. Keeping the dye on your beard for longer than the recommended amount of time may create a darker result.

Step 6

Rinse the dye off your beard with warm water. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear.

Step 7

Wash your beard with a shampoo for colored hair. Lather the shampoo and rinse it out. Shampooing your beard is essential because it removes all leftover dye from your skin. Skipping this step may result in irritated skin.

Step 8

Dry your beard with a clean towel and groom as normal. Repeat the application when your roots visibly start growing out.