organic lettuce wrap

Lettuce wraps are popping up on restaurant menus across America. But, you can enjoy these handheld treats at home anytime. Replace the wrap you were planning on using ---tortilla, pita or bread---with lettuce in almost any recipe. Lettuce wraps are a healthy and low carbohydrate alternative. When making these treats, the key is to cut the lettuce in order for it to hold your favorite filling.

Cut out the core of iceberg lettuce using a small paring knife. Place the lettuce on a cutting board with the hole where the core was down for stability. Cut the lettuce in half and then into quarters. Remove the outer leaves because they could be dirty. Separate the lettuce into individual cups. Some will be small; others will be large.

Remove the core of romaine and green leaf lettuce, and separate leaves. Clean the leaves individually, and pat them dry with paper towels, or put them into a salad spinner.

Remove the core of radicchio lettuce with a small paring knife. Place it on a cutting board like the iceberg lettuce. Cut in half. Remove the outer leaves. Separate the rest of the lettuce into individual cups.

Add your fillings. The options are endless. Stir-fry, chicken salad, tuna salad and taco meat are all popular choices.