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With a tantalizing combination of tang and sweetness, lemon bars are a refreshing dessert that is hard for most people to resist. Increase the appeal of your lemon bars by making them appear ready for a food magazine cover shoot.

Line the pan with foil before baking the lemon bars. Leave an overhang of foil that will serve as handles to easily remove the bars for cutting.

Allow the lemon bars to cool to room temperature.

Place the bars in the freezer to cool them until they are almost frozen, as recommended by food stylist M. Lynn Miller. Remove bars from pan by gently pulling the ends of the foil.

Mark where you will be cutting. Use a ruler to measure the desired size of the bars. Make a small knife mark where each cut should be.

Cut the bars using a sharp chef’s knife dampened in warm water. Clean the knife after each cut and rewet.

Create diamond-shaped bars by cutting parallel lines lengthwise across the bar. Then cut diagonal lines an equal distance apart from each other. Triangle-shaped bars can be made by cutting large squares in half diagonally.


Top your lemon bars with whipped cream and fresh berries for a twist.