By Jessica Davis

Many recipes require evenly cut slices to ensure uniform cooking texture. However, most home-chefs do not have the equipment or technique to accomplish this with ease. The solution is a mandoline; a handy kitchen gadget with adjustable blades that slices produce into equal pieces, without much effort. Mandolines are especially helpful in cutting vegetables with tougher skins, as kitchen knives can't always make complete cuts, unless they are professional grade. For this reason, the mandoline is an ideal tool for bell peppers.

Evenly sliced bell peppers can be used in stir-fry recipes or on top of salad greens.

Step 1

Wash the bell pepper under cold, running water. Cut around the stem with the paring knife, and pull up gently to remove the stem with all of the seeds. If necessary, rinse the inside of the pepper to remove any lingering seeds.

Step 2

Adjust the mandoline cutting settings to your desired slice, such as julienne, if your mandoline is adjustable. Place the pepper into the finger guard or food holder. The pepper can be placed in lengthwise or crosswise as long as it fits tightly.

Step 3

Face the mandoline away from you, and press down firmly with your palm. Slide the pepper down the mandoline, quickly and smoothly. Slide the pepper back up the mandoline, and repeat until the pepper is completely sliced.