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While there is no cure for ADD or ADHD, there are treatments that can significantly reduce or even cure ADD symptoms without side effects for some people. Using natural treatments to cure ADHD symptoms can allow you to avoid the side effects of pharmaceutical medications including weight loss or gain, sleep disturbances and even hallucinations. Many of these natural treatments for ADD are safe for both children and adults and can be used alongside pharmaceutical medications if needed.

Start with diet. Dietary changes can improve or cure ADD symptoms naturally for some people. Diet options that have been successful include the Feingold diet which eliminates additives, preservatives and food colorings; a gluten-free, casein-free diet eliminating both wheat and dairy products; and diets that avoid specific food allergies. Keeping a food journal may allow you to recognize correlations between behavior and food intake.

Exercise at least an hour a day. A full hour of intense activity can provide many people with ADD with increased focus and concentration. Experiment with exercising in the morning or evening to see which works best.

Take a good quality Omega-3 supplement. Fish oil is the most common source for Omega-3 fatty acids. These critical brain building components are one of the most successful treatments for ADD and may even cure ADD symptoms naturally in some people. Visit a well run health food store and ask for brand recommendations.

Drink your coffee. Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant and may be calming and relaxing for individuals with ADD. Avoid caffeine options that contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Black coffee or tea are good choices, as are over-the-counter caffeine tablets.

Get adequate rest. Sleep difficulties often go hand in hand with ADD and ADHD. While medications can treat these issues, some natural supplements can also be helpful. Melatonin can assist some people with a restful night's sleep and is widely considered safe. A natural calcium and magnesium supplement can also help with sleep disruptions and may cure ADD symptoms, including restlessness.


  • While rest, exercise and a healthy diet are appropriate for everyone, do seek medical advice before making abrupt dietary or lifestyle changes.