How to Curb Cravings With Tea

By LeafTV Contributor

As anyone who is trying to lose weight knows, the cravings can sometimes get unbearable. In fact, they are the one thing that can derail your whole diet. For me, the trick is to stop a craving before it starts. To do that, I need to be completely in touch with my tendencies and habits. For example, I go to the gym right before dinner. Come dinner time, I'm very hungry and craving simple carbohydrates. After my meal is over, I want something sweet. Instead, I'll drink green tea sweetened with honey or caramel-flavored rooibos tea. Weight loss is all about managing your calorie intake while also satisfying cravings--and tea does just that. As an extra bonus, certain herbs help aid weight loss such as is the case with green and white teas. As an extra bonus, liquids of all kinds tend to make the stomach feel fuller longer. I often sip hot tea with my meals and find that I end up eating less.

Green tea
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How To Curb Cravings With Tea

This article will outline some herbs I use to help manage cravings. If you use a tea bag, prepare the tea according to the package instructions. If you use loose herbs, steep 1 tsp. of the dried herb for every cup of hot water.

Green tea brews up a wonderfully mild cup of tea that I absolutely love sweetened with a splash of honey. One of my favorite snacks is a small piece of fruit with a cup of green tea. The natural sugars in the honey and the fruit help curve my cravings for sweets. The green tea also helps burn fat.

Rooibus tea is also very mild and tea companies have found that it blends well with sweet flavors such as caramel and vanilla. I drink both as after-dinner beverages to help me resist the urge to eat dessert.

Fruity tea blends are rich in vitamins, low in calories and big on flavor. A browse through your supermarket tea aisle will reveal multiple options such as cinnamon apple. I drink these to replace my nighttime dessert and prevent myself from wanting a piece of fruity candy.

Chamomile is one of my favorite teas to drink will eating because it aids the stomach with digestion, which can help with weight loss. The extra water from the tea also helps fill you up faster.


  • Keep a food diary so you can recognize any patterns. Once you understand your tendencies, you can use tea to help manage them.