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The smell of sea water can be pleasant and soothing for some, especially for those who spent a lot of time near the ocean. Aromatherapy, the art of affecting emotions and encouraging relaxation through the sense of smell, helps many to calm down and enjoy life. By using the smell of the ocean to bring back or to create pleasant memories, many can afford to enjoy the aromatic sensation without having to take a trip to the ocean, and without having to pack up and move to a beach house.

Add the sea salt to the quart of water and stir the solution. Stir until the sea salt is dissolved in the water. Scrape your spoon against the bottom of the bowl to check for remaining salt. When the salt has dissolved, the water should look cloudier than it did before you added the sea salt.

Add two drops of dimethyl sulfide to the bowl of water and sea salt. Stir carefully and thoroughly until the mixture has dispersed through all of the water. Though it may be difficult to purchase dimethyl sulfide at retailers, you may be able to find it via chemical distribution companies.

Add the mixture to a spray bottle and test the mixture by spraying it into the air and inhaling. If the smell is too strong, dilute it by adding a little more water, stirring and spraying it again. If the mixture smells too diluted or weak, add just a few more drops of dimethyl sulfide and stir. Then spray again and inhale. Do this until the mixture smells as you desire it to.

Spray the mixture at the back of a fan and oscillate the fan to spread the mist throughout the air. If you desire not to do this, simply spray the mixture throughout your home to create the smell of sea water.