How to Create a WWE Themed Dinner

By Alan Donahue

Every month, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hosts a pay per view featuring some of the top wrestling superstars like John Cena, Triple H and The Undertaker. These popular events are an excellent time to host a WWE viewing party and whether there is two or twenty people, you can create a WWE themed meal.

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Step 1

Serve appetizers. The appetizers are pretty simple and are mostly a play on words. Some good examples are Kane's Inferno Hot Wings, Stone Cold Steve Shrimp, and WWE Weenies. You can get creative with just about any appetizer and if you want to add more WWE content to the food just simply place a WWE action figure in the bowl or on the plate.

Step 2

Decide on a main course. Depending on the pay per view, you could change the main course of the meal. Wrestlemania is the biggest pay per view of the year, so you need to have the biggest meal, possibly a Thanksgiving reproduction with a full turkey and all of the sides.

Step 3

The Thanksgiving meal could also be applied to Survivor Series, the annual pay per view that is usually held around Thanksgiving.

Step 4

For the Royal Rumble, consider an all-out casserole, mixed with veggies, meat and cream of mushroom soup to represent a wide mix of wrestlers just like there are featured during the event.

Step 5

The Great American Bash would be great for a BBQ featuring hot dogs, hamburgers and anything else that you want to grill up. There are many things you can apply to the pay per views if you just get creative.

Step 6

To start, simple bake a square cake with the cake mix of your choosing. Frost the cake with a dark chocolate frosting on the sides and a light blue for the top. This will give you the basic ring mat and aprons.

Step 7

For the corners, you can use candy cane or pretzel sticks if you want to remain healthier. Stick one of the sticks in each of the corners about halfway through the cake and all the way to the bottom so that they remain level.

Step 8

Using shoestring liquorices, you now need to add the ropes all the way around the ring. The easiest way to do this is by splitting them up into sections for each side. Apply the ropes to the corners using a little bit of cake frosting and remember that each side has three ropes that are all evenly spaced.

Step 9

Now using red or white cake decorating frosting, you can create the WWE symbol in the center of the ring and write the PPV name on all of the sides. You can also just put Superstars' names of your favorite wrestler.