Delicious looking party food

Although food might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the 80's, surprisingly the decade gave rise to many of today's favorites. As the world continued to speed up, so did our food -- quick and easy was the theme of the '80's diet. Diet foods, fast-food chains, and ready-to-eat foods were all the rage. If you are planning an '80's themed party and want to include food that is "totally '80s," try some of these ideas to give your guests a tasty trip back in time.

Chip Station

Designate one area as a chip station. These snack foods were a mainstay of the 1980's, and the birth-decade of Bugles, Doritos and Tostitos. Packed in many school lunches, chips were a major food craze of the 1980's and were even endorsed by celebrities. Put out bowls of the most popular chips from this radical decade and watch your guests delight in reminiscing about the good old days.

The Valley Girl Table

The Valley Girl was the prototypical popular girl of the 1980's. Known for drinking diet soda, like Tab, and chewing gum, like Bubbalicious, Valley Girls spent their days at the mall, shopping and splurging on pizza or nachos at the food court (another '80s creation). The Valley Girl is quintessentially '80s and would make a perfect table theme at a party. Decorate the table with all things neon and '80s. Put out decade classics like the aforementioned Tab soda, pizza, nachos, and Bubbalicious.

The Yuppie Table

A "yuppie" is a slang term for an urban professional. In the 1980's a yuppie was someone who had a lucrative job, usually in the financial realm, wore nice clothes, lived in a bustling city, and ate "fancy" food, such as sushi. Creating a table as a nod to this time-honored character can add some sophistication to complement your more casual tables. Make or buy sushi from a local restaurant, grab gourmet foods like quiche, and dips like pesto. Be sure to include beverages like to sake and espresso.

The Snack Attack Table

The 1980's was the decade where junk food came to prosper. To complete your '80's themed food party, don't forget the junk food. Fill a table with old favorites like Combos, Skittles, microwave popcorn, fruit-roll-ups, and any other popular fast food that revolutionized the 1980's household. You can also include signature '80's beverages like wine coolers, white zinfandel, "fuzzy navels," and "sex on the beach."