The term “Valley Girl” refers to the rich teens and young women of the San Fernando Valley from California. Valley Girls were seen as glamorous and promiscuous; however, the term later became to characterize a woman who was spoiled, ditzy and more interested in social status than her personal accomplishments.

Things You'll Need

Purchase a colorful headband (neon is preferred since bright colors were popular in the 80s) to wear around your head. Also wear a big blond wig. Typically, Valley Girls were stereotyped to be blond.

Wear a mini skirt, which were frequently worn by Valley Girls–the brighter, the better.

Pair the mini skirt with leg warmers, since the mini skirt look was often accompanied by leg warmers. Leg warmers are essential part of creating a Valley Girl costume.

Accessorize the look with big colorful hoop earrings and designer shopping bags, mimicking the stereotype of the Valley Girls who were more concerned with shopping than they were studying a book.