How to Cook With Diatomaceous Earth

By Edith Hignutt

With uses as diverse as pool filtration systems and pest control, diatomaceous earth offers many potential health benefits such as removing parasites, improving energy levels and lessening many arthritis symptoms when consumed. Recommendations include stirring it into a glass of water and drinking, which does little for the appetite. With a few tips, adding diatomaceous earth during food preparation allows you to easily consume the recommended amount without the gritty taste.

Food grade diatomaceous earth mixes well with a variety of grain cereals.

Sauces and Soups

Step 1

Choose a recipe that incorporates a sauce or choose a soup or stew recipe. Follow recipe directions up to the point of mixing the sauce ingredients. For soup or stew, assemble as directed and start cooking.

Step 2

Add 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. food grade diatomaceous earth per serving to the sauce ingredients. Check your recipe for how many servings it makes. Mix as directed and cook per recipe directions. For the soup, add the food grade diatomaceous earth at the end of the cooking time and stir in well.

Step 3

Stir before serving. When added to a thin soup base, diatomaceous earth tends to settle more than when added to a chowder or thick sauce.

Baked Goods

Step 4

Gather ingredients per your recipe instructions. Add the items per instructions until your recipe calls for flour.

Step 5

Substitute 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. of food grade diatomaceous earth per serving for an equal amount of flour.

Step 6

Add flour per recipe and continue per recipe directions.