Moist, juicy and plump, with an intact, caramelized skin -- are hallmarks of a well-made bratwurst. To achieve these results, grilling is typically the cooking method of choice for this German classic. And although an electric skillet can't recreate the effects of the grill, it can produce similar results, albeit without the smokiness. You can also poach the brats in the skillet before searing them, so you get the best of both moist- and dry-heat cooking in one appliance.

Add the brats, onion, butter and herbs to the electric skillet. Add enough beer to cover everything.

Bring the beer to a boil, and then lower the temperature to a simmer. Cover the skillet.

Poach the brats until they have an internal temperature of 150 F, or about 15 minutes. Transfer the brats to a plate and strain the cooking liquid; reserve the onions, discard the beer.

Wipe out the skillet and set it to medium-high. Add the bratwurst to skillet.

Sear the brats on all sides until caramelized and golden brown to dark brown, as desired. Use tongs to turn the brats and, if necessary, gently hold them against the skillet to achieve uniform browning.


  • Poach the brats in sauerkraut and a few tablespoons of beer for a tangy flavor. Add about 1 pound of sauerkraut, the brats and a touch of beer to the skillet. Cover and cook using low heat. 
  • Slice the brats in half lengthwise and sear them cut-side down for an extra-crispy crust.