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Size charts for clothing can vary from country to country. With a simple formula, U.S. clothing sizes can easily be converted into Brazilian sizes. Brazil uses the European sizing method, so that simplifies things a little.

Look at the tag to make sure it's a standard U.S. size. Note whether it's a number size or small, medium, large.

For single-digit sizes, add a three in front. (A U.S. size 4 is a 34 in European and Brazilian sizes.) For double-digit sizes, replace the one with a 4. (A U.S. size 16 is a 46 in European and Brazilian sizes.)


Sizing can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The best way to find out if clothing fits is to try it on before purchasing.

Check and confirm that the store has a return policy to make sure a return is possible if the clothing doesn't fit.

Knowing your measurements can help store employees in other countries help you with sizing.

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