Tomato sauce can be converted into tomato juice for a fresh drink or recipe substitution. Stewed and peeled tomatoes are pureed to an almost smooth texture to make tomato sauce. Canned tomato juice is made from the moisture in the pureed tomatoes. Some companies add back some of the puree to give the juice a thicker texture. Moisture can be drained from or added to the tomato sauce to convert it into a pourable juice.

Things You'll Need


Line a large mesh strainer with a double-thickness of cheesecloth. Nest the lined strainer in a large mixing bowl with a pour spout on the rim, if possible.

Pour the tomato sauce into the cheesecloth in an even thickness of 1 inch or less. Press the sauce through the strainer with a spatula in a circular motion. Collect the corners of the cheesecloth to form a pouch when the remaining tomato sauce has thickened to a paste.

Squeeze the cheesecloth pouch over the strainer. Save the contents of the pouch in a sealed container in the refrigerator for use in a recipe that calls for tomato paste. Measure or drink the contents of the mixing bowl as tomato juice.


Add equal parts tomato sauce and purified water to a blender. If a recipe calls for a single cup of tomato juice, then add a ½ cup of tomato sauce and a ½ cup of purified water.

Blend the two ingredients together at high speed in five second pulses. The blades of the blender break up the larger tomato chunks in the sauce. Test the consistency of the mixture with a long spoon.

Puree the water and sauce until you are satisfied with the smoothness of the texture. Add the tomato juice into a recipe or pour it over ice to drink.


  • Season the tomato juice carefully with salt, fresh herbs or hot sauce to balance the sweetness of the tomatoes.

  • Use pressure canners to safely seal jars of tomato juice for room temperature storage.