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If you have ever found any European recipes on the Internet or in cook books, you will notice that some of the ingredients are listed in grams. This is due to the use of the metric system in European countries. American cooks are more familiar with measuring in tablespoons. Fortunately, you can convert these recipe ingredients into something more familiar with the use of online charts and calculators.

Find your recipe item and record the number of grams per tablespoon listed in the chart. Look at a Gram to Volume chart. This is a list of the most commonly converted recipe items.

Divide this number into the amount of grams that your recipe calls out for. For example, if the chart says there are 15 grams per tablespoon of your item and your recipe calls for 30 grams, divide 15 into 30. This equals 2, so you need 2 tablespoons.

Enter your gram amount from your recipe into a conversion calculator, such as the Gourmet Sleuth, if the chart does not list a value. Put the value in the blank box. Select "grams" from the first drop-down menu and "tablespoons" from the second. Click the "Convert" button to see the results.


Conversion is not an exact science and is only an estimate. Experiment with your recipes when converting between weights and volumes to ensure the right ingredient amounts.

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